Isla Sorna, Isla NublarEdit


Illustration by FeatherTail of JPLegacy

Height: 5 feet
Weight: 33 pounds
Wingspan: 20 feet

Like Pteranodon longiceps "sternbergi", this species might have been intended to be exhibited in Nublar’s aviary but was never moved to the island before the park shut down. Like Pteranodon, it has recently colonized Nublar by flying over from Sorna.

This particular species is actually Tupandactylus. For sake of the, RP the original name of Tapejara shall remain.


Male: Vibrant red crest, yellow beak, white underbelly, and part of the face is a metallic light blue-violet with a white stripe by the ear. Tops of wings and upper half of body are black, with the undersides of the wings a pale peach coloration with black splotches around the edges. Eyes are a pale yellow-green.
Female and juvenile (both sexes): Same as male, except the crest is a much duller, almost dirty-looking red barely visible from a distance. The face is a much paler shade of blue-violet.

Diet: Fish.

Preferred Habitat: Shores.

Social Structure: “Tapejara” is a communal pterosaur, gathering in large groups on the Beach alongside Pteranodon longiceps “sternbergi” which shares its habitat.

"Tapejara" is a medium-sized pterosaur, with a short tail and toothless, beaked jaws. The males have a spectacular crest which is used for display. The females have a much smaller crest.

The male's spectacular, vibrantly red crest acts like a flag and can be seen from miles away. During the mating season, colonies of males gather on the cliffs of Sorna and Nublar's shores to try and attract females which fly overhead. Males bob their heads up and down to flash their crests and use their peculiar chirruping call to make themselves stand out more against the colony.

Males favour prominent cliffside perches where they can easily be noticed. These spots are few and far between and are greatly sought after by latecomers, therefore disputes and squabbles are not uncommon. Once mating, the females leave but the males will remain to continue trying to tempt the females from the skies.