Aigaion the first was a male Sorna raptor played by Darksteel045 as a NPC and was important in the lives of Jade and Prowler. He also played a large role in the final battle against Specter.


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Pre-LTL lifeEdit

Aigaion was one the raptors made by scientists on Sorna before Hurricane Clarrisa forced InGen to evacuate. Because of his early creation, he bears a long-dead tracking device on his right thigh. After InGen evacuated, Aigaion became part of a pack the resided in the Mountain Ranges, and was the mate of Yoko. A rival pack wiped out most of the pack however, leaving Aigaion and, unknown to Aigaion, Yoko alone. Aigaion began a lonely wander as he searched for a purpose. When the insane raptor Mal began a genocidal rampage, Aigaion quickly joined the fight, striking blows against the New Moon's flank where he could. After Mal was defeated, Aigaion disappeared again.

Life in LTLEdit

Aigaion soon found himself in the ranks of Specter's pack. Though Aigaion believed the super-predators needed to be dealt with, Aigaion soon found himself disfranchised with Specter. After Specter captured several of his own offspring, Raven approached Aigaion. The old male needed to find Hunter and find a way to free the captured siblings. Aigaion left without hesitation.