Appo is a Velociraptor Nublarensis rp'ed by T-rex-king. Appo was a outcast from a pack who betrayed and he sought to get revenge till he found Hellkite's pack after they washed ashore to Sorna. Appo joined the pack, first for selfish reasons but eventually came to accept the pack as his family. He fought with his pack against the 13 Deaths pack a year after joining and made the decision to leave his Sorna home to stay with his pack and go to Nublar, making him and Wyvern amongst the first raptors to leave Sorna. After arriving on Nublar though, he witnessed Valora's take over of the pack.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Appo has a complex personality for a Nublarensis raptor. He is quick to anger, but only gets upset when either he or his fellow packmembers are in danger. While Nublarensis raptors are quick to fight for power when they desired, Appo was quick to at least have the desire to protect his alpha leaders, Hellkite and Medea, as well as prove his worth to them.