Bakita with her Loosa Calamoosa

 Role-Played by Nima, Bakita is a female Triceratops. She is the young hatchling that Dr. Jerry Harding and Jessica Harding met in JP:TG shortly after finding Nima Cruz.

She is typically one of the calmer sorts, but also will not back down from a fight if she feels threatened.


Bakita was the young hatchling who favored the loosa calamoosa palm that Dr. Harding used to entice her back into her enclosure. During the storm when Nedry cut the power off almost the entire island, the gate to the Triceratops Paddock was opened automatically. At some point Bakita had wandered away from the main herd and discovered the door to freedom. She remained fairly close to the paddock though as that was what she was comfortable with for she knew these surroundings. While eating away on the vegetation on the nearby road, Jessica Harding drove up and was forced to stop or else hit the magnificent creature. Entranced, Jessica came out of the Jeep and was able to meet Bakita face to face.

Bakita with jess and harding

Jessica and Gerry Harding with Bakita

Gerry Harding was a bit concerned that his daughter would be hurt, but with Bakita's seeming acceptance of Jessica he relaxed. Bakita in fact could really care less about Jessica as she was more interested in feeding. Seeing Jessica was no real big event because she saw people every day. But after being put back into her paddock she met back up with Lady Margaret, who in turn attacked the Hardings.

Bakita with lady margaret

Lady Margaret and young Bakita

LtL LifeEdit

During the incident of the Tyrannosaurus Rex attacking Lady Margaret, Bakita was able to escape and run away into the nearby vegetation. She has since then lived her entire life alone and often wanted to find others of her kind.