Bandit is a fast and mischievous Sornaensis Velociraptor. He is often getting himself in a tight situation. His early life is partly unknown, and he is now a part of Stealth's pack. Bandit is unsure of many things and hasn't gained full trust of Stealth. He is just beginning to piece together the events that have occured and changed the face of Isla Sorna forever.

In his world it is eat or be eaten, and he is always hungry. Bandit is ready to nab some food off of anyone or anything. He was raised with two brothers, and one sister. The sister and one brother have been missing for as far as he can remember, and his other brother was killed by a Velociraptor two months after their birth. His sister's name is Velocket, and his brother's is Marcus, or Marc for short. His dead brother is named Mako, and he was Bandit's best friend until Mako's death.

Bandit never brings up his life beforehand, so nobody will really understand. He doesn't act or appear any bit frightened or sad, but his heart was broken when he saw the cold look on that murderous Velociraptor's face. Now all he wants is one word.