Isla SornaEdit


Illustration by FeatherTail of JPLegacy

Length: 16 inches
Height: 6 inches
Weight: 10 pounds


Male: Bright green with dark red and black markings.
Female: same as male only with a darker complexion.
Juvenile: Tadpoles uniform brown. Once developed into juvenile frogs they are a string-bean yellow with pinkish and black markings.

Preferred Habitat: Swamps and any other source of freshwater. Beelzebufo can catch fish and other creatures beneath the water, it but tends to inhabit the banks and land surrounding; hiding in mud and leaf litter.

Diet: Small animals, including invertebrates, small mammals, reptiles, fish, other amphibians, small or baby dinosaurs, and other Beelzebufo. Literally anything big enough to fit inside its mouth. Sometimes Beelzebufo misjudges the size of its prey and risks choking to death upon swallowing. Even so the largest creatures Beelzebufo can swallow safely are almost as big as itself.

Social Structure: Solitary, since they are frequent cannibals due to their bad attitudes and voracious appetites. Males and females only interact during mating, even then the males risk becoming food for the much bigger females.

Truly deserving of the title "Frog From Hell", Beelzebufo is basically a giant horned frog with an extra-wide mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth. The females are larger than males.

Beelzebufo is an ambush predator, burying itself in mud to wait for live prey to come within range before lunging and grabbing it with a row of teeth positioned so that it makes it virtually impossible for the prey to squirm free or even for the frog to let go once it has something halfway down its throat. This occasionally leads to accidental deaths when a particularly ambitious Beelzebufo begins to swallow an animal too big for its mouth and, unable to release it, suffocates to death.

Beelzebufo is incredibly fearless, being known to not only deliver a painful bite to anything that may stumble upon its hiding place; actively leaping at them to deliver a bite no matter how large or powerful the intruder is. Unfortunately, this means it occassionally falls prey to predators such as Baryonyx and Spinosaurus.

Beelzebufo's jaws can remain latched to the shin of a large creature for hours on end and are vey difficult to remove. Eventually the frog will let go on its own accord, leaving behind painful bite wounds inflicted by its sharp teeth.