Role-played by Nima, Damon is the often nefarious male Miracinonyx that combs the Floodplains and just about anywhere else across the island. He does have several jet-black spots across his sandy-colored coat, and his stripes below his eyes are also a midnight black. He has blue eyes, and the top of his head is black (picture a gigantic black spot on his head).

Damon is oftentimes the troublemaker that while he does have a bit of a soft side, he often hides it and covers it up with a more cruel and evil part of himself. A common habit of Damon's is to lick up a small portion of his prey's blood after it has died. He enjoys killing, which is usually an outlet for his frustrations in that when he is upset, he finds something to go kill and then he kills it.

He can be arrogant, cocky, and conceited.


Damon is the brother of Dawson. Both males were the only two cubs to be born from their mother before she was savagely killed by a Smilodon when they were about two years old. Both brothers have worked together and formed their own hunting coalition. Dawson, being the more mature and noble character, is usually drug into Damon's mischevious and often dangerous agendas.

Though both brothers care about each other, Damon never truly bonded with Dawson like most brothers would. True he cares about his brother, but the caring only goes so far.

When both brothers encountered the female Miracinonyx called Katerina, they were completely in love with her. Damon felt confident that he would win her affections, and for some time it appeared so. But when Katerina made her choice for Dawson and not Damon, he felt betrayed and angry. Leaving in a huff, Damon went off on his own to live by himself.