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General Information


13 Feet


3 Tonnes


25 feet


Baryonyx Walkeri






Father (none to Death Claw himself)

Previous and Current Homes:

Previous: Lagoon Current: Deep Channel


Death Claw


Claw and DC

Death Claw (also known as Claw and DC) is role-played by nanotyrano. DC has a dark green torso and black mottled spots around the lower end of his back, also featuring a pale yellow underbelly. His nature is quite calm, but that doesn't mean he can't put up a fight with intruders and hungry predators. 

As a JuvenileEdit

When Claw was quiet young, his mother was murdered by his father. He tried fighting his much larger parent but was no match, leaving him with a large scar over his left eye. 

Setting out into the depths of the jungle was certain death for a small, incompetent dinosaur but Claw had earned his local name "Death Claw" by killing the Alpha male of a deadly pack of Velociraptor Sornaensis. Fortunately for him after that near death experience barely any predators attempted to attack him.

Up until DC was a sub-adult, he was able to survive by moving from location to location. Other experiences in his past time like being chased by Dilophosaurus Venifers at the Workers Villiage had taught him to stay away from suspicious looking areas.

As a Sub-AdultEdit

After many years of growing Claw has managed to move on from fish. He now is able to hunt Compsognathus, Young Edmontosaurus, and the occasional Velociraptor or Dilophosaurus. His interesting strategies for catching unsuspecting includes lying in shallow water, and creeping through the edge of the jungle. Death Claw has no problem with other Baryonyx Walkeri around him but other carnivores such as Spinosaurus Aegypticus tend to get on his nerves. His territories are around water, usually involving hidden locations such as:

  • The Lagoon: Death Claws first territory around other larger dinosaurs was at The Lagoon. This home was just barely hidden by reeds and vines hanging from trees. Inside was a small open space with a creek running through the middle. He left The Lagoon to follow another Baryonyx named Zeus.
  • Deep Channel: This territory is a gem to Claw as it is hidden by thick jungle, has a pond filled with fish, and his cave is behind a waterfall. There he lies on the cave floor and looks out towards the blurry jungle, waiting for something to emerge.

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