Isla MuertaEdit


Illustration by Deinonychus of JPLegacy

Length: 11 feet
Height: 7 feet at top of sail
Weight: 450 pounds


Adult (both sexes): A light brownish yellow with a light beige underbelly. Orange and yellow patterns decorate tip of sail.
Juvenile (both sexes): Same as adult, only lacking the sail.

Diet: Meat, anything smaller than itself from small reptiles to larger prey such as Edaphosaurus. Prefers fresh meat.

Preferred Habitat: Slopes of the Upland Forests.

Social Structure: Solitary.

Dimetrodon has a lizard-like gait, with four side-sprawling legs. Its tail is large and deep. The most distinctive characteristic of Dimetrodon is the spectacular sail on its back, made from skin and supported by neural spines. The sail, which is dense with blood vessels, is used to regulate body temperature - the surface area allows it to warm up or cool off more efficiently.

Dimetrodon is equipped with powerful jaws and teeth for killing prey. It has razor-sharp front teeth for seizing its prey and tearing at flesh, and shorter back teeth for cutting up meat.