Isla SornaEdit


Illustration by Tomozaurus of JPlegacy

Length: 9 feet
Height: 3 feet
Weight: 100 pounds


Adult (both sexes): Faded orange with blue-black striping. This pattern becomes smaller and more intricate atop the flat part of the head.
Juveniles (both sexes): A brighter orange with the striping having more blue to it than in the adults.

Diet: Plant matter, particularly pine cones or other fruits that have fallen to the forest floor or knocked loose by larger herbivores.

Preferred Habitat: Hillsides or mountain slopes.

Social Structure: Spread out feeding groups with designated sentries. Occassionally mingles with its larger, more aggressive relative, Pachycephalosaurus.

This little dinosaur is shy and elusive, noteable for its flat, wedge-shaped skull. Unlike its close relative Pachycephalosaurus, Homalocephale is generally unaggresive and prefers to flee at the first sign of danger rather than stand and defend itself.

Homalocephale is often found among Pachycephalosaurus herds, using its larger, more aggressive relatives as lookouts and body-guards. Like its larger relative, Homalocephale males will become more aggressive during the breeding season and will develop short spikes at the back of their heads, used for show and intimidation. Males also endure pushing contests, whereby they butt against one anothers' heads and/ or bodies in tests of strength.

Homalocephale calls include chirps, whistles, and long twitters.