Isla MuertaEdit


Illustration by Tomozaurus of JPLegacy

Length: 6 feet
Height: 1.5 feet
Weight: 200 pounds


Adult and juvenile (both sexes): Uniform bluish-gray.

Diet: Roots, tubers, other tough, fibrous plants.

Preferred Habitat: Highly adaptable. Can be found anywhere from uplands and lowlands, swamps, wetlands, forest and floodplain.

Social Structure: Vast, spread-out herds.

Lystrosaurus is a mammal-like reptile, somewhat resembling (at a distance) and sharing similar habits to a pig. It has a barrel-shaped body, a deep snout, stout limbs and high nostrils on its short skull. It has a beak and a pair of prominent tusks which it uses for digging up roots and tubers from the ground, and wide feet to allow it to walk on boggy terrain. Unlike pigs, Lystrosaurus has low intelligence.

Lystrosaurus is among the most common of Muerte’s animal species and as a result it is preyed upon by a wide variety of Muerte's predators that constantly follow its herds. Lystrosaurus is generally mild-mannered and gets on well with other herbivores which share its habitats. Its calls consist of pig-like grunts and low rumblings.