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Illustration by Spengybob of JPLegacy.

Common Name: Giant Ground Sloth
Length: 20 feet
Weight: 4 tonnes


Adult (both sexes): Dark, mottled brown fur.
Juvenile (both sexes): Lighter mottled brown fur.

Diet: Herbivorous - the ground sloth is not fussy, consuming leaves, young branches, and flowering plants. The ground sloth supplements its plant-based diet with a small amount of meat now and again from kills made by other animals such as Smilodon.

Preferred Habitat: Grasslands, lowland forests and uplands.

Social Structure: Solitary, only coming together to mate.

Megatherium is a species of giant ground sloth, related to the small, three-toed and two-toed sloths already found in the rainforests of Costa Rica and the surrounding islands. Underneath its long, shaggy fur, Megatherium's skin is covered with small, bony plates which serve as chain mail against the teeth and claws of its predators.

Megatherium is a slow-moving animal which primarily walks on all fours, but it is capable of walking upright on the sides of its feet for short periods of time. It tends to rear up onto its hind legs in order to reach higher branches using its sturdy tail to prop itself up. It will also rear up in order to display its fearsome claws when confronting predators such as Smilodon.

Megatherium uses its powerful arms and large, curved claws to pull down branches down towards its mouth, but the claws are also the animal's main weapon. A single swipe can potentially kill smaller predators instantly.

Megatherium often makes its home within the caverns of the Forested Uplands.