Isla SornaEdit


Illustration by T-PEKC of JPLegacy

Length: 32 feet
Height: 10 feet
Weight: 2 tons


Male: A distinct blue color, with broad triangular white stripes, white underbellies, and red heads.
Female and juvenile (both sexes): Like the male, only without the red head.

Diet: Scavenger and predator of small to medium-sized animals.

Preferred Habitat: Dense forest and jungle.

Social Structure: Pairs and small groups.

This fast, medium-sized dinosaur is elusive and seldom seen as it prefers to hide in dense forests and jungle. Its skin is unusually tough and provides protection against the abundant parasites such as ticks which share its habitats.

Metriacanthosaurus has slightly elongated vertebrae spines which form a small ridge along its back, making it appear rather humpbacked. This, unlike Spinosaurus or Ouranosaurus, is an attachment for muscles; reinforcing the skeleton and adding to its overall power. Pound for pound, Metriacanthosaurus is the most muscular dinosaur on Sorna.

Metriacanthosaurus groups do not usually co-operate to bring down prey. A single Metriacanthosaurus will hunt by itself and share the food with its pack members. Groups will also take to the habit of teasing and mobbing other medium-sized carnivores similar to how crows act towards buzzards.

Metriacanthosaurus is very particular to heat and does not do very well in droughts or heat waves. It is generally more active at dusk, night and dawn when it is cooler. During the day it rarely moves, instead taking up residence in shady patches or even resting in water with just its nostrils visible above the surface.

Metriacanthosaurus does not hold a territory of any sort as it is nomadic and never stays in the same place for very long. It buries its dung to hide its scent from the larger carnivores as it is incredibly fearful of dinosaurs the size of Tyrannosaurus.

Metriacanthosaurus roars sound similar to the mating calls of crocodiles and alligators although much higher in pitched.