Isla MuertaEdit


Illustration by Tyrannus Paleo of JPLegacy

Length: 13 feet
Height: 4 feet on all fours, 6 feet when reared up
Weight: 220 pounds


Adult (both sexes): Gray bodies with beige underbellies and a pattern of bluish stripes running vertically down back. Head is a darker shade of gray, almost black, with a white lower jaw and white markings lining the upper lip; akin to the facial markings of the D'Albert's water python.
Juvenile (both sexes): Gray bodies and beige underbellies, a slight band of bluish stripes on the tail but otherwise no prominent markings.

Diet: Meat, is capable of hunting mid-sized herbivores but prefers to scavenge and will often bully fresh kills from other predators even larger than itself.

Preferred Habitat: Grasslands and forests.

Social Structure: Solitary.

Ornithosuchus is an archosaur, closely related to crocodiles and dinosaurs. It has powerful jaws and interlocking teeth used for gripping persistent prey. Ornithosuchus is a relatively stocky creature, armored with two rows of scutes running the length of its spine. These scutes become more prominent near the end of the tail, providing extra defense against larger predators and other Ornithosuchus.

Ornithosuchus walks on all fours, although it tends to rear up when intimidating other predators or to survey its environment. It is a very temperamental and brutish animal, even towards predators bigger than itself. Once it bites a victim, the jaws lock and there is little chance of the victim escaping.

Ornithosuchus can occasionally be seen stalking herds of herbivores which inhabit Isla Meurta's Floodplains and Lowland Forests. However, it prefers to steal fresh kills other predators have made, with groups of Ornithosuchus coming together in order to bully away much bigger carnivores from their kills.

Ornithosuchus vocalization consists of low growling and hissing sounds.