Isla MuertaEdit

Common name: Ice Age Jaguar; European Jaguar
Length: 9 feet
Height: 3.5 feet
Weight: 235 pounds


Adult (both sexes): Fur on back and sides is bluish gray or dark gray, with black rosettes, while the fur on the underside is white.
Juvenile: Fur is a uniform dark gray, with barely-visible rosettes.

Diet: Herbivores slightly larger than bison, but are not picky eaters, and will eat almost anything they can catch.

Preferred Habitat: Jungle or dense forest

Social Structure: Solitary unless in the case of a mother with cubs

This big cat is similar to a modern jaguar, albiet larger than a Siberian tiger. The European jaguar is an elusive species on Isla Muerta partly due to the fact that only a very small number was cloned by InGen; and also because the jaguar is primarily nocturnal. During the day, it sleeps in dens: usually old InGen structures or vehicles; although it will also sleep in trees or caves.

Mature males stake out a claim of land and roar to attract females with which to mate. Litters usually consist of three to five cubs, however mortality rate is high and it is usually only the one cub which survives to adulthood.

Despite being similar in size, European jaguar will prefer to avoid confrontation with Smildon as the latter is normally found in greater numbers. The only exception to this being if a mother jaguar encounters a lone Smilodon, in which case she will fight to protect her cubs.

Due to similar hunting styles, the jaguar occasionally finds itself at odds with its burlier marsupial counterpart: Thylacoleo. The more lightweight jaguar will try to avoid conflict with its rival by always keeping on the move, however the jaguar will not hesitate to fight for its life with incredible vigor if it has no other choice.