Isla Sorna, Isla NublarEdit


Illustration by T-PEKC of JPLegacy.

Length: 4 feet
Height: 2 feet
Weight: 30 pounds


Male and male juvenile: Orange and brown mottling, with darker horizontal stripes.
Female and female juvenile: A drab brownish-green with paler underbelly.

Diet: Carrion, invertebrates and other small animals like reptiles, mammals and dinosaur chicks or eggs. Small Herbivores the size of Dryosaurus when in groups.

Preferred Habitat: Adaptable to any habitat, but prefers upland areas.

Social Structures: Solitary or small to medium-sized flocks.

Segisaurus is a small venomous carnivore; with a long flexible neck, long hind limbs well suited for running, and long forearms. Its lightweight structure enables it to run at extremely high speeds. It is probably the fastest dinosaur cloned by InGen, even more so than V. antirrhopus "sornaensis". Speeds of up to 80 mph have been recorded.

Segisaurus possesses an ability unique among all dinosaurs - the ability to see in ultraviolet light. This allows it to track prey by urine trails and other bodily fluids, such as saliva, perspiration, and, if they are lucky enough, even the lingering breath of its prey. As the prey of this voracious predator, the saying is true: 'You can run, but you can't hide'.

Like Compsognathus, Segisaurus venom is akin to that of a gila monster, in that it must be chewed into flesh to be effective. Once kneaded into the bloodstream, the venom works instantly; slowing down the prey's metabolism and causing it to move in almost slow-motion, thus allowing Segisaurus to pick chunks of flesh off with their razor-like teeth without fearing a quick counterattack. Segisaurus prefers its prey alive, and once the victim has succumbed to its wounds, Segisaurus will eat ravenously from the corpse until it goes cold.

Segisaurus is generally a non-aggressive dinosaur, preferring to avoid contact with larger animals by hiding or running away. However it may bite aggressively and repeatedly if cornered.

Segisaurus makes a distinctive whistling call that can carry suprisingly far.