General Information


Achillobator giganticus “sorkinsis”


Sombra, The Shadow




Nowel (Troodon)


None Currently, but has a small posse of Nublarensis raptors he sometimes calls upon


Tyrant (brother) Kuolema (sister)



Role-played by Tarbtano, Sombra is the most notorious Achillobator on Isla Sorna. Motivated by goals unknown to any other than himself and his comrade Nowel, Sombra has flip-flopped from an antagonist to ally of numerous raptor packs. Quiet, calm, but instantly demanding of respect the moment he walks into view, he's well known for a habit of disappearing without warning.

Sombra's siblings include a young sister named Kuolema, and a younger brother titled Tyrant. While on good terms with both, especially Kuolema, he is most often seen alone or with Troodon companion, Nowel.

FIrst SightingEdit

Not at first publically known by both the playerbase and Sorna's residents, Sombra's first action took place on the side lines of a Pack v. Pack fight between the 13 Deaths and Hunter's clan. Quickly ambushing and dispatching several rouge Velociraptors following the 13's command, Sombra left the bodies impaled with gruesome public display on the Aviary rafters, much to the resident pack's horror the next morning.

He was then first glimpsed as a rapidly moving, black object by several pack members and the ceratosaurus, Ryu, as he killed an impaled a pteranodon on a spire before scaling the cliffwalls. Not leaving any scent and only seen briefly at a distance with his dark coloration, one remarked compared the unknwon being to a living shadow; hence the nickname 'The Shadow'.

Live the Legend SpoofEdit

Due to both his reclusive nature, dual names, and dark color; several spoofs have been made making Sombra into something of a LtL-version of the DC character, Batman. These spoofs ranged from parodying the popular 'Arkam' series videogames, to making Sombra talk in the infamously garbled speech pattern of the Christopher Nolan series Batman.


As of the LTL Reboot of October 25th, Sombra has retired to the Sombra-cave because he believes Sorna City no longer needs the Shadow. But one day, the Sombra signal will shine again and the dark hero will return to fight crime in Sorna City

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