Stealth is a Soblarensis velociraptor in LtL, PC'D by MegaParasaur. Being a Soblarensis means he had a Nublarensis mother and a Sornaensis father. Stealth was never on the old LtL and just joined. Stealth found out that one of his (former) allies, Saturn, had betrayed him by lieing about the 13 Deaths. Saturn told him they were good, and the Aviary pack was bad. He just turned on Saturn, attacking him. He and his pack now are allied with the Aviary pack. More recently, they combined packs, to create one super-pack.

Stealth's mate, brother, sister-in-law, and chicks just were killed by Psiegel's Troodons in the Jungle region of Isla Sorna. Tow of his sons, Matt and Section, lived.

Below is the original post I made to create him, bear in mind, I, MegaParasaur was a very new user and didn't have to post experience that I have now.

General InformationEdit

Name: Stealth 

Species: Velociraptor anthirropus Soblarensis 

Gender: Male 

Age: 10 

Height: 5 feet; 3 inches 

Length: 12 feet; 7 inches  

Weight: 196 pounds 

Coloration: Same as regular Soblarensis males but with a darker skin colour and blueish-green eyes.

Chicks of Stealth + MonaEdit

Miss Blood- Female Sornaensis Velociraptor (Adoption Status: Available but will only be given to senior players because of her want/need for dominance.

Brief Coloration Info: Normal Sorna raptors configuration (grey body) but with red markings instead of black ones.

Ondromoda - Female Soblarensis Hybrid Velociraptor (Adoption Status: TAKEN as an NPC by MegaParasaur) Brief Coloration Info: Ondromoda has an oragney tint to her markings on her. White and black mixed quill coloration too.

Sand - Male Sornaensis Velociraptor (Adoption Status: TAKEN as an NPC by MegaParasaur) Brief Coloration Info: His whole neck looks like it is covered with sand. His quills and markings on his body (stripes) also look like sand.

Dexi - Female Sornaensis Velociraptor (Adoption Status: Available) Brief Coloration Info: Normal Sorna coloration with goldish-yellow quills.

Zorin - Male Soblarensis Hybrid Velociraptor (Adoption Status: TAKEN as an NPC by MegaParasaur)  Brief Coloration Info: He has long, horizontal dark green stripes along his body as well as having white quills and eyes with his grey body.

Jakarte - Female Sornaensis Velociraptor (Adoption Status: Available) Brief Coloration Info: Normal Sorna coloration except for light purple and dark blue stripes along her body.

Matt - Male Soblarensis Hybrid Velociraptor (Adoption Status: TAKEN as a NPC by MegaParasaur) Brief Coloration Info: Normal Sobalrensis male coloration, like his father. But, he has turquoise quills and red eye pupils.

Original Tryout PostEdit

Converting Blood (Male V. Sorna) to a Soblarensis Raptor named Stealth

Bio: Stealth was born into a litter of 5 raptors. 3 of his brothers were killed by an Acrocanthosaur who was desperate for food. His parents were also killed then too. He now lives in a pack of 3 raptors and he is the highest ranked member in the pack because his parents were both alphas. He also lost his left toe claw from an attack from another raptor pack. He has mated twice but with only one success. Stealth's mate, Mona, will soon be giving birth to that success. They will probably mate again next breeding season. Stealth's brother, Hannibal is the last member of the pack. He is around the same size as Stealth but he is way more aggressive. Hannibal has a mate (Read the sample) named Sahara. Stealth was very aggressive when he was young but he has started to be more laid back now that he has his own pack. He loves to eat Corythosaurs but they are so big and it is too much effort to go and catch one.

Stealth sometimes likes to sneak out from his nest at night, away from the rest of the pack to hunt alone. He usually just goes for small mammals or the occasional unlucky Dryosaur that wanders by him. He usually likes to keep his pack around the Game Trail. They usually don't ever move because of the abundant supply of food. The pack can take down a full grown Hadrosaur but without loss. His pack had another raptor in it. His name was Rowdy. They went on a routine hunt but then the large Hadrosaur they had been hunting fell on top of Rowdy, killing him in an instant. The pack has been less tempted to hunt Hadrosaurs after that incident. 

Rarely, but sometimes, he will go with his pack to the Embryonics Laboratory. The reason for this is not known. Most of the time though, he is with his pack on the Game Trail hunting herbivores. Stealth is the faster of the 2 male raptors in the pack, with Mona being the fastest. When the offspring come, it is expected that 2 offspring will be given birth too.  Distinguishing Features: No left toe claw and navy blue eyes.

Writing Sample: He wandered into the Embryonics Lab alone. He loved the feeling of being alone. He didn't know why, he just did. He smelt other raptors and troodons but the only thing he wanted to see was the main Laboratory where all the dinosaurs were made by InGen. He wandered in and heard the squeak of a mouse. He shrugged it off. This place gave him a strong feeling, like he was in a way connected to here. Had his parents been born here? Was he born here and just moved to a nest? These were all questions he had to answer. He came upon a machine, covered in vines and blood, but he stared at it and then out of nowhere, another velociraptor came up and attacked him. He was knocked to the ground and hurt, but that's not enough to stop him from becoming a midnight snack. He faced the other raptor and realized it was a Sorna raptor. Smaller than him, but way more aggressive. The other raptor lunged again at him but he quickly dodged the attack. He fought back hard, sinking his only toe claw into the other raptor's stomach. The other raptor called for help as hard as he could, but only a lone juvenile female came to his rescue. She lunged at him but he female was no match for him. He left the juvenile female alive but the male raptor, wasn't as lucky.

He decided it was time to go home, back to his nest, and sleep for the rest of the night. He got back to find everybody sleeping there as usual. Mona and his brother. He didn't want to wake them but Mona got up and growled at him thinking it was an intruder. He assured her that it was him, and he rested down beside her for the rest of the night. 

In the morning, he awoke to his brother gone but Mona still there beside him. He nudged her to awake amd she did with a startle. He then went off looking for his brother, Hannibal, but couldn't find him. He then smelled the smel of a freshly killed Corythosaur. He was hesitant but he finally went off the see what was going on. He then went to the kill and saw, not a Tyrannosaurus, not an Acrocanthosaurus, not a Spinosaurus, not another pack of raptors but his brother, Hannibal, standing beside a 2 ton hadrosaur he had killed by himself. He went back to get Mona so that she could feast too. When he got back to the kill, there was another raptor there. A female so he was less aggressive, he let out a call motioning a tthe forest. He meant to go but she didn't even look up at him. That was the point in which he got agressive with the female. He ran up but then saw Hannibal rush out a protect the female. He wondered why hannibal was doing this. He grunted to his brother, motioning at the female. Hannibal grunted back in a mting call. Henow understood. He had now mated with this female. This female was a full Sorna raptor so the offspring won't be full hybrid, he thought. He hoped this wouldn't interfere with the pack but it was his brother. So, hesitantly, he let the new female into his pack.