The Exsulii Pack



Current Members

Small Fang Sophia Pericles Cyclops Blue Stripe

Pack Species

Velociraptor "Antirrhopus Nublarensis" Velociraptor "Antirrhopus Nublarensis x Sornaensis" (Blue Stripe)

Typical Hunting Grounds/Dens Location

The Game Trail and Embryonics Facility/West Delta

The Exsulii Pack is a pack of Velociraptor Antirrhopus Nublarensis (and a hybrid) "rejects", menaing they were either kicked out of or lost thier original pack. Orginally, the pack started out with just the siblings, Sophia and Pericles, but later expanded to a total number of five individuals. The current pack structure is as follows:
  • Sophia: Alpha Female and leader of the pack
  • Pericles and Blue Stripe: The pack betas (second in command)
  • Small Fang: The youngest of the pack
  • Cyclops: The latest member of the pack

Though not as large as some of the other raptor (mainly Sornaensis) packs on Isla Sorna, it is, strangely enough, one of the fastest growing. It is one of the largest Nublarensis packs,a dn is usually found either in the game trail or to the west of the island.

The Start of a PackEdit

Before it became a true pack, the Exsulii pack started out in three seperate fractions: Cyclops' pack on Isla Nublar, Small Fang and Blue Stripe (after they grouped together), and Sophia and Pericles. Sophia and Pericles used to be a part of a larger pack, but ultimately left due to Sophia's more calm nature. They eventually settled in the junlge as well as the abandoned embryonic facility; some time later, Small Fang (a young male) and Blue Stripe (a male Nubalrensis x Sornaensis hybrid) stubbled upon the siblings and their den in the embryonics lab. The four raptors, due mainly to the fact that Blue Stripe and Small Fang were in need of support and shelter, decided to stick together and return to Sophia and Pericles' den back in the jungle. It was then that the Exsulii pack was created.

It would be some time later before Cyclops washed up on the shores of Isla Sorna, so for a long period of time it was just the original four members.