Role-played by Nima, Tigraine is a full grown, adult female Andrewsarchus. Known for her aggressive behavior, she can be a menace to just about anything that might cross her path. However there is one thing that keeps her in check. Her fur. Tigraine is well known for being rather vain, and hates getting her fur dirty.


Tigraine has several scars across her body, but none are so large so as to detract from her general appearance.

At an early age while still a juvenile, she developed an obsession over keeping her fur clean. Nothing can irritate her more so than to find a speck of dirt on her fur.

Tigraine favors combing the Graveyards for an easy meal, but won't hesitate when given the chance to kill something fresh. She does have a high respect for herbivorous prey that is intelligent, and will occasionally allow one or two to escape her grasp.