Isla Sorna
VelociraptorHybrids zps1329c93c

Image by FeatherTail of JPLegacy


Length: 14 feet
Height: 5.5 feet
Weight: 200 pounds

Sharing similar traits and habits, Sornaensis and Nublarensis raptors come into contact with one another relatively frequently and often compromises have to be worked out in order for both subspecies to get along. Opposing groups will clash more often than not, however on rare occassions, a male and female of each subspecies may mate, resulting in hybrid offspring. There are two varieties of coloration for these hybrids that are dependant on the combination of the parents. Both kinds however are equal in size and intelligence, and fall between Nublarensis and Sornaensis raptors in both categories.

Nurnaensis Raptors

These are hybrids with a Nublarensis father and a Sornaensis mother.

Males: Mostly resemble buffed up Sornaensis males, but lack or have less prominent quills, nose ridges, and side stripes. Instead they have black, tiger-like stripes similar to those of their fathers. They can however have red eyes like males of the Sornaensis species.

Females: reseamble Sornaensis females, but with a pale browned gold coloring where they would be white; and their black strikes have noticeable brown tint. Eyes are typically green.

Soblarensis Raptors

These are hybrids with a Nublarensis mother and a Sornaensis father.

Males: Closely reseamble Nublarensis males, but with prominent nose ridges and quills. Eyes are usually amber colored.

Females: Look like Nublarensis females, but with black markings and nasal ridges of their father's species.